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The Dragon's Demesne

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This website is currently under construction.

This is the website of Dragon and Chimera.  Our goal is simple: acquire knowledge, and share it.  We plan to have pages on basic high school and university courses, because we believe that current mainstream education is woefully inadequate to those who truly desire knowledge, and we wish to help bridge the widening gap between what education is and what education should be.  We also plan to have information on current major issues in science, politics, religion, and many other fields of study that we feel are relevant to becoming more knowledgeable about the world around us. 
(Edit Jan. 3, 2005)  I have been experimenting with the tripod site builder, and am slowly learning how to create this site.  I have also decided to expand the scope of this website to include my other interests.  These will include books (fiction and nonfiction) that I enjoy, and several of my other hobbies, including role-playing games, Scrabble, and computer games.  Chimera will largely be working on the educational field, while I, Dragon, will be working on everything.  I hope to have at least the 'skeleton' of this website done by the time I return to school, and will slowly add the 'muscles' as time goes on.
(Edit Feb. 5, 2005) Due to the business of both of our lives, we have not been able to complete any work on this website for the last month, for which we apologize.  We will attempt to devote as much of our busy lives as we can spare at the moment to the betterment of this website, but do not expect much from us for awhile.  Dragon is extremely busy with school, while Chimera has been occupied with his home business.  Please keep us bookmarked for the future.  We apologize for the delays in this matter.
(Edit Mar. 28, 2005)  During the summer I will build this site properly.  Until then, unless Chimera adds some things, no changes will be made.  Chimera and I still need to get together to do a proper planning and design session for this website.  Hopefully we will get started in May on this.
(Edit May 3, 2005) I am finished school for the term, and hope to be able to add content soon.  Any requests can be made to my email.  -Dragon

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About the Authors: (biographies prepared by Dragon)
Dragon - Dragon is a 23-year old university student with a passion for all learning.  He believes that the modern educational system is flawed, and decided to create this website in order to more effectively teach those who wish to learn.  He is the creator of this website.  His interests are myriad, but is currently studying engineering, with an unofficial history minor, and is strongly considering a second undergraduate degree when he completes the first one.  His email is
Chimera - 25-year old Chimera dropped out of high school at age 16 because, in his words, 'I wanted to get an education, and school was taking up too much of my time.'  He is currently self-employed, and devotes all of his spare time to learning.  Despite his lack of formal schooling, he is more educated than most people with university degrees, and often provides meaningful assistance to Dragon with his engineering studies.  His email is
Please note that due to current time constraints, responses to email may be delayed.  Also note that we have switched to GMail from Hotmail; the rest of the addresses are the same.

Please feel free to use any information you find on this site in any way you see fit.  Nothing here is copyrighted unless specifically noted.